Rules of Engagement – Terrorists Ambush Rescue Team

We sure here a great deal of talk about the guidelines of commitment and the Geneva Convention, yet we observe the International Terrorists could think often less about fair standards. The global fear mongers destroyed a NATO Helicopter and in wartime, one could assume this is to be sure an objective, yet next they assaulted the salvage group – clinical staff?

It is astounding that we permit the voices of International Terrorists to be heard all over the Planet when somebody is erroneously addressed at a confinement community like Abu Grave or Guantanamo, yet we observe an Al Qeada torment office with 40 detainees and a hand book of how to ravage people.

Al Jazeera communicates each and every non military personnel trapped in the cross flames of battle against the global psychological militants or rebellion. In Lebanon, we noted focuses on that were hit, where regular people were utilized as human safeguards in trusts they would be killed, just so the whole occasion could be broadcast to affect more slaughter.

Today, we see Democrat Candidates taking the ball and going for Team Medic it repeating the calls of the global psychological oppressor’s central purpose; the media. Today we have the Liberals in the US supporting the adversary and soothing their central goal. Maybe without acknowledging it or maybe without mindful, they are supporting the adversary and encouraging them to kill more US Troops, while the Democrats vote against assets to help them, us.

Somebody needs to stop for a moment to chat with our own people here and those country states, which support global psychological oppression. Our soldiers and troopers, our whole military is owed an expression of remorse from John Kerry, Hilary Clinton, Barrack Obama and John Edwards, just to give some examples. The International Terrorists wish to kill honest individuals and play by no principles. Isn’t it time we adjusted the battleground and kept up and joined as one in a typical reason to make the right decision?