Five Prime Time Slots of Anti-Aging in Summer

Many people attach great importance to the work of beautifying the skin and resisting aging in summer. People should not beauty the skin blindly, or no effect can be achieved. In fact, there are five prime time slots for people to protect the skin and resist aging during a whole day. As long as people make full use of these five prime time slots, the effect of protecting the skin and resisting the aging can be realized completely.

The first prime time slot is 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning. In summer, the high temperature can make people hot-tempered and inadequate can cause the edema of the face. One of the symptoms of the aging is the bagged skin. In order to tighten the skin, it is necessary to enhance the circulation of the facial skin. The secretion of adrenal cortex hormones can be strengthened from 4 a.m., and the reproduction of the cells can be decreased to the lowest degree. The water will be accumulated inside the cells to slow down the lymph circulation and cause the edema. People can choose the products which can enhance the circulation situs judi slot online resmi of the facial skin.

The second time slot is 7:00 to 8:00, as the ultraviolet rays can accelerate the production of free radicals and further restrain the growth of collagen fibers. People must spread sun cream on the face before going outside, which is the most effective and basic step of anti-aging.

The third time slot is 12:00 to 14:00, as both the blood pressure and the secretion of hormones can be decreased to cause many skin problems, such as the formation of wrinkles. It is necessary for people to use the skin care products like essence and moisturizer to repair the skin in time.

The fourth time slot is 15:00 to 17:00, as the high temperature in summer quickens the metabolism and accelerates the loss of water to worsen the conditions of the skin and accelerate the aging. People must strengthen the protection work during the period. For example, people can alleviate the dryness of the skin by wearing moisturizer.