College Football 2007 – The Attention Is Exciting, But Sooner or Later You Get Found Out

Ah, the adulation and attention are so exciting. The approbation from the boosters, the fans, the students, the fellow athletes and the media is unbelievable. You are unbeatable, unstoppable and perhaps the greatest team ever assembled.

They tell you all of this and they tell your opponent nothing. Your opponent is just another walk through game. You are flying at 4-0, you are Southern California, the team that has enjoyed 5 straight seasons of national top-4 finishes, BCS bowl appearances and Pac 10 Conference titles.

You are playing a 6-touchdown underdog, a team that lost 41-3 last week, a team that you beat 42-0 last year, a team that finished with a lousy 1-11 record.

So No. 2-ranked Southern California loses Saturday (10-6-07) to Stanford 24-23. Don’t ya just love college football? The excitement of college football makes pro football look boring. I am not surprised that USC lost a game. The Trojans were lucky to get by Washington a week earlier, winning by a field goal, 27-24, while making a ton of penalties and turnovers. I am surprised that it was Stanford that did it.

A team that is loaded with talent like USC will win every time unless the talent is “at” the game but not “in” the game. Talent simply has to show up every week or even a powerhouse like UFABET งบน้อยก็เดิมพันได้ USC gets embarrassed. The Trojans are now the new No. 10-ranked team in the AP Top 25 Poll.

Louisiana State remained No. 1 by scoring 14 points in the final quarter to hold off No. 9-ranked Florida, last year’s national champion, 28-24. Florida led at the half 17-7. LSU is 6-0.

Unbeaten and No. 5-ranked Wisconsin, a team I have said all year was overrated, finally proved it by losing to unranked Illinois 31-26 on the road.

Unbeaten and No. 8-ranked Kentucky, another team I have said is overrated, proved it by losing to No. 11 South Carolina, 38-23.

Unbeaten and No. 23-ranked Purdue, another team I have said is overrated, proved it by losing to No. 4-ranked Ohio State, 23-7.

Unbeaten and No. 6-ranked South Florida had more than its hands full in getting by Florida Atlantic 35-23.