10 Reasons to Avoid Supplements

Does taking supplements work?
And is it good for you?
My opinion is: sometimes.

I assume a bunch of gym ogres will now burst through my window and yell that supplements are awesome.

Yeah.. So I’m here to give you a few reasons why you shouldn’t take supplements, this includes: multivitamins, pills, diet pills, anabolic steroids or anything that promises you “quick muscle gain”.

Supplements such as multivitamins, they must be helpful right?

You’ve just bought a multivitamin and you can’t wait to see the massive effects it’ll have on you, you’re so excited. Read on to figure out why you’re wrong.

1] Supplements, or more specifically, multivitamins, great for people HGH who lack a certain vitamin and at best, will give you the vitamins they say they provide, that’s great, but some of these vitamins don’t really get ‘soaked’ inside the body, as they are not from a natural source, the body may see them as hostile and he may not accept them.

2] These types of supplements are also dangerous, most people get enough vitamins and are pretty balanced, but getting in more vitamins without a doctor’s approval, is pretty dangerous. For example, you take vitamin A pills, but you’ve got a healthy level of vitamin A, you know what will happen to you?

“Hypervitaminosis A” will happen to you, a horrible disease that involves too many vitamins in your body and a lot of complications.

3] But what if the supplements you’re taking aren’t filled with what the company claims they’re filled with? Basically, you should know that the supplements market isn’t supervised by the government, meaning, anybody can go there, stuff a pill with poop and sell it. So you just might be receiving a placebo effect, or at worst, steroids.

4] A lot of people take supplements such as multivitamins, but as a normal person, you shouldn’t have any vitamin imbalance, meaning, most people don’t need supplements at all, it’s just the ads that promise “quick muscle gain” that get to you.

Supplements like protein powders: works, but not needed.

“Oh boy! I just love supplements so much, I bought myself 300 kilograms of “super-duper-muscle-gain-powder-especially-for-people-who-can’t-gain-muscles-easily”, I don’t need to do anything now, I’ll gain muscles naturally!” That’s as stupid as it can get, you must feel the pain to get the gain, no powder adds muscle mass naturally.